I’m One of the 300

It all started with Crossfire Hurricane !

Johnny always said he had 300 guys in his band… Actually, it was 100 or so…

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1959 by van ALL

1959- Johnny Paris, (saxophone), Paul Tesluk on a Hammond Chord organ, Dave Yorko Dave Alone on guitar,

and Social Media in Toledo Ohio.

Butch Mattice on bass.    Lionel Butch Mattice

Butch and Dave get together one last time.Butch Dave Reunion Ticket

Their first recording was ” Crossfire ” by Hurricane !

Earliest drummers include Don Staczek seen here with 

a “much sought-after” autographed Tony Packo’s bun ! Don Staczek wife Packos 3

Tony Kaye, Early J and H Tony 2 Early J and H Bill Savich

and Bill “Little Bo” Savich  RIP  1-4-2002

Tommy Curran, Bass Early J and H Tommy

Louis H Carr, 1959 (guitar)RIP 1-8-2010 Louis Carr

DennisDennis Coffey GretschDennis Coffey sml Coffey
( studio guitarist ) played on Mad Mad World and Money Money, Bucky Pizzarelli, Bucky Pizzarelli (studio guitarist),

Bill Ramal Ramal YELLS( studio sax, producer, who yelled,  “Alright You Guys, Rise and Shine ! ” )

First Rolling Stone Billy Butler Honkey TonkBilly Butler (studio guitarist) 1960 Jerry Lynn BruceFreddie Cannon and J Pynckel

Johnny Gibson featured on Farewell Farewell, 1962 (studio keyboards)Johnny Gibson Georgia

Beatles Ad

Lynn Bruce (drums)Lynn Bruce Barry , Jim Pocisk aka Jim Drake- Johns Brother. Rod Cox Richards (future guitar player for the Rare Earth)Rod Richards,

Chuck Seiple,

Bobby Cantrall (Ignatowski) on (bass). Bobby told me that the Beatles asked him which song they should open with in America. He told them, ” She Loves You “… Bobby said that he thought that the German version sounded risque when hearing the title sung. John Billy Bobby Irving Hotel Hamburg 1962BobbyFindaGrave

Jim Robinson (drums), Eddie Waller (bass),

Edward Waganfeald (organ), Billy Marsh aka William Wolfe (guitar), 1962 Hamburg

Ron Clossen, Chuck Chittenden, Bruce Sherer RIP 1981 (drums). Bruce 8 6 64

Jerry Pynckel (guitar) http://jerrypynckel.com/ , Jerry Pynckel 68

Chops Success A   Hal “Chops” Hedges ( organ ), Ray Whelan (organ)Ray Whelan 64

1964 Berlin Group 2 Paul, Sonny Brickman ( bass ) Hurricanes play in Berlin, Germany.  First gig Kiel… then crossing to East Berlin. First American band to play in East Germany, 1964, at the largest venue known at that time.King_size starclubadTony Sheridan 1 Bus to Berlin sml

John Crossing to Berlin 400JandH KIEL King Size Venue Joining the stage with the Hurricanes is King Size Taylor and the Dominoes and Tony Sheridan.

Hurricanes Berlin Germany Stage

Johnny and the Hurricanes return to the USA to tour in their new Dodge/trailer vehicle. Three of the guys quit the band. That’s when I, Les Todd McDonald Sr. (lead guitar), Les Todd JH Pickwas hired to take Billy Marsh’s place in November of 1964.

Hurricanes 8 x 10s_steps

 ◾1963 to 1966, Frank “Butch” Cook Butch Johnny T(drums),


■ 1964 to 1966, Phil (Crites) January Hurricanes Shadows Phil (organ),

Les Todd McDonald  Sr. First Work Hurricanes A First (guitar),Les Headstock 92Doug and Evrly Bros (2)

◾1965-1966-Doug Gifford (drums)

I bought my  Orange Gretsch 6120 guitar and Fender Amp 2 years before Lennon bought his. He featured it in Paperback Writer. Lennon and MCDonald               Orange Gretsch Amp Del Shannon bought his orange Gretsch in 1965… Dels Orange Gretschit was a cool guitar !

The Catholic Club, in Toledo, Ohio, was one of the last gigs I played with the Hurricanes. 1966

Last Gigs Mike Baginski (guitar)Baginski Tom Turvey (bass)Turvey

Larry Hutchison (Gretsch guitar) Larry Hutchison Gretsch

Brian Sauer ( B-3 ),  Bill Stewart (guitar)

1967 Paul Cappellety (bass),Paul and John

Bobby and Bill Stewart

1967-Gary Bellaire (organ)Gary and Everlys,

John Louicki (guitar)John Louiki,
◾1968-Bob Currier (bass), Bobby Lee and Johnny

1969- Osie Bucklin Osie Bucklin (drums) RIP August 25, 2013
◾1970-Ken Sahadi RIP 4-8-2015 (bass) left, Randy Felow (drums), Chuck LeVally RIP 8-1-85 (drums) right, seen here in the 2nd Rolling Stone Magazine.Rolling Stone Magazine

◾1971-Dennis Scarbrough (drums)Dennis S

J and H 74 76 B 1974 Jeff Eggert (drums) Mike Counterman, Lead guitar… RIP July 12, 2016,

Hal ” CHOPS ” Hedges keyboards RIP at 43… he was a real pleasure.Chops Success A

Jerry David Stoval,

J and H 74 76 A Jerry David
Perry Palmer (drums)Perry Palmer

◾1973-Duane Thomas Duane Thomas  (guitar),

Vince Perna (organ)Vince Perna Rob Shannon ( drums )Rob ShannonRalph TerranaRalph Terrana (keyboards)  ,

Doug Perkins Doug Perkins sig(guitar),

Bob Nyswonger (bass)Bob Nyswonger,

Dave Athanas Dave Athanas(second guitar),  Dave, drums,

◾1974-Tom Martin Tom Martin (guitar) , Dwight Grifka (organ )

1977-Timothy Richter (bass) http://www.reverbnation.com/flyte66, Timothy Richter

Mike Shaw (organ)◾1978-Marc Kruger (guitar), Marc KrugerTed Sotnyk

Ted Sotnyk (drums)

◾1980-Tony Raw (bass) , Johnny Paris, Mick Brady (drums), Steve Clark RIP 10-14-2012 (keyboards), Ricky Gee (lead guitar, backing vocals and lead vocals), Peter Franken (keyboards)UK Hurricanes 2

◾1981-Terry Clemson,      Terry Johnny
◾1983-Klaus Wecker (bass), Manfred Noll (drums), Werner Grabowski (lead guitar) and Steven Getten (keyboards)Manfred Noll
◾1990-Edwin Hettinger (keyboards), Bernd Ohnesorge (bass), Joja Wendt Joja Wendt piano(piano),Dick Byrd (lead guitar), Roy Dyke (drums)Roy Dyke.

They played many gigs with a keyboarder AND a pianist for a fatter sound.
◾1993-Bernd Ohnesorge (bass), Thomas Meltzer (lead guitar)Thomas Meltzer,
◾2005-Edwin Hettinger Hettinger3(keyboards),

Bernd Ohnesorge Bernd_Ohnesorge_01 (bass),  Mick Brady brady keyboards drums(drums), Heiko Siebert (lead guitar),



Beatles Hurricanes Shadow

The AUTEURS album started off as concept piece that was to be called ESP Kids and Johnny and The Hurricanes is one of the remaining songs from that original idea and the record’s masterpiece. Totally mad arrangement but the whole thing manages to remain so bloody catchy at the same time. The South Will Rise Again displays skills with melody before two songs that could maybe described as mood pieces (Asti Spumante and Sick Of Hari Krisna). The albums closes with two fantastic songs Lights Out (again I find the acoustic version in the bonuses the better one) and Future Generation Autuers Album Line up Auteurs “How I Learned To Love The Bootboys


Johnny Winter J and HJohn thought HE was the Hurricanes…and never again, had the fame the earlier guys created. J & H MentionBachman remembers Hurricanes

Sopranos The Ride…The Ride pic


Kinks Words about Survivor Johnny and the Hurricanes     Kinks One of the Survivors 


Bridge in Time

Burton Cummings 01

Elton John included Johnny and the Hurricanes’ sound in his recordings.25 Years Elton John

◾ It was in the 80’s…Johnny’s dad dies…brother drowns…he was being called an imposter…divorce….suicidal thoughts….he slept in empty European studios ON TOP on the drum riser or amps, so the rats and roaches wouldn’t get him…and he played for spare change in the subways there…..
◾He had gotten to the point of not even acknowledging former members years later when returning to some
country or other. “Oh…hi”, he’d say, and look away. And he took to calling everyone “Hey Bass!”…and,  “YOU ! Guitar man !”
◾To be fair…his Swedish “Hurricanes” version, he stated, were the best musicians he’d ever had…and they lasted over 10 years.Swedes
◾One of the very last performances was Nov-Dec 2005 at the London Palladium. (London radio features Hurricane’s popularity)radio_merseyside_towerSpencer Ad Radio

Honkers and Twangers 002 Long Lost Honkers & Twangers

◾He toasted his band…his new wife…told everyone how happy he was….and passed away in 5 months.

J and H yoyo

25 Years A3

Pipeline Back issues…   Pipeline Links page

ACE Records J & H 006bJohnny and the Hurricanes… Hurricane Force

J and H 8X10 NO WonderWerner und Johnny Werner Voss (r.i.p) had Johnny Paris on Radio ‘NDR Hamburg’ a Rock and Roll show called Rock And Roll Museum. -1987

PHDVLSBCH2Ohio RocksRockford News 1965LES AND JH (3)The Real Deal OSU

johnny-and-the-hurricanes-starclub 2Rossford OH LibraryVacation Hurricanes 1034

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Poster 750 1067

Johnny and the Hurricanes Poster (download)
This is a digital download of a poster relating to the Johnny and the Hurricanes history.
Rare and personal photographs assembled by lead guitarist Les Todd McDonald Sr 1963 to 1966.
High resolution pixels ready to be printed at your local photo dealer.
Features original members and members that worked with the Beatles in Hamburg, Germany, as well as historic book cover and new CD release photos.

$5.00 USD,  24″ X 36″.

Madison Wis. Bunny Hop       1964   64 Madison Mis 550

My Saved Records info

Wild Things 1

Jerry Goin to workJerry Back Stage 2Hurricanes On Stage

Yeah…. we were all kickin’ it…..

Wild jerry



R R Hall Fame Firsts  Letter from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

From Curator 3_2018Bunny Hop5EAnd She Did Last Hurricane

Beatles Yeah Yeah

Johnny Had Some Wild Times

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